Why prostitution is popular today?

United Kingdom have countries what offer the prostitution like legal service.

The society of some countries of the United Kingdom and European Community, offer prostitution as a legal service within society. This is a clear social insult allowed as a legal survival option; the consumer society offers products at prices, that the salaries established by law don’t have the value of frequent products in the daily use. Queen Elizabeth and Tessy Antony de Nassau influenced not to increase wages in Europe with the change of the Euro, this made prostitution quiet and regular knowing that in Europe it is more or less allowed.

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popularly but unofficially, Tessi Antony de Nassau is known to have designed the entry of the euro in this political system of the European community

Not all European countries have the same salaries and that by having a community currency foreign products simple entry in Europe. The society of the European Community and the United Kingdom don’t give other options to society and use prostitution as a supposed legal service. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t realize that society is disgusted, insulted and aging in a very unhappy and sacrificed way, today it should not be necessary to use this service as a method of reaching something. A Easy application can legal hire, teach and offer cash job close to your address if all the business in United Kingdom work with this App.

The first human right inside society is have a roof and a salary”

Why are there homeless?

The society require an economical level for each single person is working and living inside society. A homeless person became austist after found their selfs out of society. 

A simple law can solve this problem”

The society don’t have a law helping this situation understanding they became homeless because they can no help their own selfs to be inside the laboral system, annoying vision knowing that a few coins do not help anything.

A simple law helping social austists can resolve the problem, founding accommodation and work through the mandatory stop of an officer observing this situation. 

Society understands that sometimes a regular person acquires begging as their own job, this social action should be penalized by law. 

Homeless are social austist, a social autist is someone, who find themselves inside the society without a roof and salary having hard communication because their aspect, expecting be helped having denied social answer

In winter, countries with very low temperatures such as Canada, England or Russia… the person who reaches this level of social autism with disease dies sleeping.

In the first and second world there are factories with accommodation, know the number of free vacants is a possible fast project, social workers helping the rehabilitation can be the solution, a law make the action.

Why United Kingdom is promoting second hand stores ?

The African continent does not have enough resources or a way to export. Locals have an average salary of $20-$120 monthly and this is not enough for locals to leave the mainland and explore other societies in the world and found a way to make business, you may think it’s a lie but today civilization is 30% in 50 countries of African continent. a house of someone who lives far from civilization and has no concern about rent, lives in a house like this.

Humanitarian aid boats arrive at the port of the African continent with tons of clothing and essentials, giving away packages of 3 kilos of varied clothing, food or essentials, sold it by the natives on the streets

the countries of central Africa are the ones that have fewer products and clothes, natives cross borders to deliver products”

Unfortunately, the clothing that is sold today in the civilizations of 52 countries in Africa is 90% second-hand, except South Africa, with 35% which is the most developed country for their roads, likewise South Africa has a civilization of 30%, clothes are donated from the first and second world; new clothing is delivered in towns and oficial markets far from civilization

In 52 African countries, far from civilization new clothes are considered for woman, a traditional piece of cloth that is tied at the waist.

Official market far from civilization

North of African countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt and Seychelles, has a total social reconstruction, could be considered second world countries, the products arrive easily due to tourism and its proximity to Europe, but its constructions are poor and quite old

New installations generate homes, commercial surfaces and wages; a new consumer society, allows the new civilization reach basic products, basic products dress and take care of personal hygiene, eliminating diseases such as tuberculosis, which is simply transmitted due to lack of oral hygiene.

having a record label and artist deal at Beyonce studios, Britain’s Royal Crown is making my life impossible in Canada, to not talk about these social issues, in the studios give me that lyrics from Tatiana Rodriguez under contract and I’m supposed to be a protected witness, it’s false, I imagine that Beyonce is a singer for the crown and the queen does not like my mission, I think she destroys me to do it herself and not give me any social qualification, I’m in Canada since 2017 and I been New York City 2019-2020 , who is stopping my sasmtress and stole my hand made it clothing to no do runways??? Who hack my instagrams and my emails ?? hacking my computers ? Who is behind me stopping all I do???? From 2019 until today, you alredy should be tired , can you stop please , I wanna make a better world’’