Plastic Surgery Consultor

Are you new in plastic surgery?

Mariam can answer all your questions and guide you from beginning to end, helping you to know about plastic surgery techniques that can give the desired shape to the body you are looking for. Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez, with her inside knowledge about plastic surgery searching the best plastic surgeons around the world.Today she is located in Canada, with 35 years old from Vigo, Spain; she has 13 types of plastic surgery interventions (2 nose jobs, 3 flat feet correction,bepharoplasty, 3 cannula liposuction, facial injections of own filtered fat, laser iris depigmentation, breast and buttock implants on her body), looking for aesthetic harmony with the purpose of have a perfect body.

I have contacted more than 60 surgeons from all over the world, exposing my body as an example, a good surgeon explains the technique he performs, but not all human bodies find the same result with the same technique”

I can help you talk to surgeons and ask what techniques they perform to help you know if you will get the expected result”

Mariam, only with her body and scars demonstrates her excellence in appearance, with honesty and great concern for her safety and beauty, along with discretion to meet her individual needs. Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez knows that finding the right doctor can be difficult, but ultimately she will determine the quality, safety, and cost of the surgical procedure.

Cosmetic surgery only touches superfluous fat, implants are only placed between muscles like another muscle, with the intention of giving a new shape, knowing what kind of implants the surgeon works with is very important, cheap silicone bags of saline water gives rise to a new procedure; a nose job is just filing of a mobile bone and trimming excess skin, small interventions can be individual and with local anesthesia, a surgery well done by a licensed surgeon never reaches the depth of touch an organ and that offers safety to the patient.


Consult: 70$/390$

To make an appointment for a consultation with Mariam,
please call her or Whatapp, at +16477855114; I speak fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese.

I give consultations on the phone, WhatsApp, via Zoom or Skype helping you to choose the best technique for your plastic surgery and surgeon if is necessary.

  • In the first consult, I will assess the patient’s body type by photos, and I will explain witch procedures are the best to obtain the expected result.
  • In the next consultations I can look for license surgeons near your town or other parts of the world that offer the same technique I recommend.

The complete pack includes: contact with several surgeons, appointments, follow-up via chat with the patient throughout the surgery, direct connection with the nurse, assistant with transport and accommodation booking if patient travels.